Loan officer good quality who appraises loan proposal

Loan officer good quality who appraises loan proposal  successfully must have the following qualities:

Great communication skills;

without effective communication skill it is difficult to communicate with both internal and external customer.

Analytical skills;

A credit officer must have ability to make analytic power.

Computer skills;

success in credit depends on effective Information systems and therefore computer skills are essential.


At all times a credit professional should have confidence, Without confidence it is  hard to make good investment as well as maintenance bank or branch as well.

Business acumen;

knowledge of the business should be in the fingertips of every credit professional. This is important a because  loan officer must have  different types of business knowledge.

Loan officer good quality Positive attitude;

a positive thinking should be embraced by every credit officer because without it success in bank business will not be possible.

Loan officer good quality Courageous;

without courage a credit officer can not run the business. There are many opposite competitor in business and credit officer make easy to manipulate the business smoothly.

Good Negotiator;

Negotiating power  is essential  in bank business that a credit officer must have.  negotiation skills  help to handle  when they fail to make payments on time.

Investigation skills;

a credit officer need to gather information at all times regarding their customers and it is essential have investigation skills.
Legal Knowledge;

A credit professional must understand all legal laws of credit and business operation. This is essential due to customer identification and for the purpose of legal recovery process.
In conclusion, every credit officer must work towards success of the organization by ensuring customers are happy.

Management Outlook

lf the management is progressive and has an aggressively marketing and growth outlook, it will encourage innovation and favor capital proposals which ensure better productivity on quality or both

Competitor’s Strategy:

Competitors’ strategy regarding  significant influence on the investment decision of a company.

Opportunities created by technological change:

Technological changes create new  change in process. Sometimes the old equipment which has to be replaced by new equipment as a result of technical innovation may be raised then other.

Market forecast: Both short and long run market forecasts are influential factors in capital investment decisions.

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