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LRM suggestion 100% common guarantee with answer

LRM suggestion 100% common guarantee with answer will help you to pass DAIBB in Landing operation and risk management subject. Here i do 50 questions answer of several years.

1. What do you mean by Prospective borrower? In selecting a borrower what points to be taken into consideration. 2.What quality a have field officer who appraises loan proposal ?
3. Different factor consideration while apprising an investment proposal.
4.What is Sensitivity analysis? necessity of sensitivity analysis.
5. What is creditworthiness? Discuses essential point consider of a prospective borrower.
6. How to Check the Creditworthiness of a New Customer?
7.Borrower loan enhance facilities consideration factors
8.Different types of documents bank obtain from borrower before disbursement of credit
9.What types of land cannot be taken as collateral security?
10.What is Green Banking? Need and importance of green banking in Bangladesh.
11.Green banking activities financing programs undertaken by bank
12. What Is Working Capital? Importance of working capital, Different types of working capital loan:
13. Industrial unit turn into sick due to Inadequate working capital
14.What is Pre-conditions to get loan write-off facility.
15. Call money rate can influence capital market
16. Difference between Write-off and Waive Off Loans, Which one do you think is beneficial for bank?
17.What is Credit Planning? Factor to be considered by a banker for preparation of credit planning. Mention the importance of credit planning:
18. List down the minimum eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by borrower to obtain loan.
19.Distinguish between long term credit and Short-term credit. Why bank prepare short term financing?
20.Difference Between Pledge and Hypothecation.
21.Different Types of Credit Facilities Provided By Banks
22.Define SME credit in the light of Bangladesh bank’s guideline and list down the booster sector.
23.SME Playing an important rule in the economic development 0f the country.
24. Distinguish between lending risk analysis and credit risk grading. Write down the expected CRG requirement for extending credit.
25.Working Capital Loan & Investment Loan
26. Write down the risk factors those can make an industry sick.
27.How would you proceed to rehabilitate a sick project?
28.Define ALM & ALCO. In absence of ALM bank may fall into different crises .
29.Formation of ALCO of bank And role and responsibility of ALCO
30.What is Money Market and Capital Market?
31. Difference Between Money Market and Capital Market
32. Investment in capital market by commercial bank
33.What do you mean by fraud and forgeries? Different types of fraud and forgeries in banking
34.Steps to be taken in protecting frauds and forgeries in bank.
35.Provisioning against SME loan arrears has already been amended by Bangladesh Bank. But a recent report published in the paper shows that a number of companies have misused these and converted loans from other sectors into SMEs in the hope of making more profit. Please suggest.
36.Define Portfolio management. Highlight the role and responsibility of branch manager In borrower selection and loan processing.
37.Banks are accepting interbank calls at exorbitant interest rates due to their liquidity crisis. Present an argument in favor of this statement.
38.What do you mean by Project appraisal? Loan proposal considering factor
39. Different types of security against which banks sanction loan to the client. Discuss advantage and disadvantage.
40. Quality or Good characteristics of collateral Security
41.If selecting borrower perfectly, Loan cannot be turn in bad.
42.What is fund flow? Discuss the importance of fund flow statement for a bank.
43.Difference between Funds Flow Statement & Cash Flow Statement . A sample cash flow statement
44.In absence of supervision and follow up a good loan can transform into bad loan.
46. What is Loan Syndication? How Does Loan Syndication Work? How Does Loan Syndication Work? Merits and demerits of loan syndication.
47.What is risk management and why is it important?
48.Step of risk Management. Way of reduction of risk.
49.What is Loan pricing? some of the factors that the loan pricing bank considers
50. In competitive market which of the variable and fixed pricing as a banker you would advocate? Explain.

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